Toshiba and the Environment

Toshiba (Australia) Pty Ltd is committed to continually making efforts to improve the environment through its commitments in the following areas:

Commitment to Earth

We consider the protection of the environment as one of its main Corporate Social responsibilities. We recognize that natural resources are finite and endeavour to promote their efficient and effective use to prevent pollution.

Commitment to Compliance

We comply with all the laws, regulations and industry guidelines applicable to the protection of the environment. We will endeavour to attain the ISO 14001 accreditation for all of our main business locations.

Commitment to Improvement and Conservation of Biodiversity

We strive to continuously improve our processes to reduce the burden on the environment and biodiversity in the countries in which we operate through the reduction of waste to landfill and the recycling of all recyclable materials. We will identify and find ways to reduce the effects of our business activities on biodiversity.

Commitment to Employees and Stakeholders

We will continually strive to broaden the awareness of our employees and stakeholders as to how they can make a difference to the environment through their daily work activities and incorporate the company's core values into their business conduct.

Toshiba Group's Environmental Policy

For information on Toshiba Group's global environment policy head to Toshiba Sustainability.